Greater Washington District Challenge

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At his installation service on October 23, 2016, Rev. Dr. Gerry Green encouraged the Greater Washington District of the United Methodist Church to work together to create, fund and support the residents in as many units of affordable housing as possible through The Rev. Adrienne Terry Fund for Affordable Housing. The spontaneous offering that day symbolized the commitment to seeding this effort: $2,216.71 was collected!


DS Green’s goal is simple: 100% of the churches, campus ministries and new church starts are participating in this effort monthly or annually through 2020. Whether you or your congregation can house one person for one day a month ($43/month for 36 months) or for a whole year ($1,290/month for 36 months), every donation counts toward this goal.


If each of the 70 faith communities within the Greater Washington District recruits an average of 12 people contributing $43/month for 36 months, we will be able to accomplish the following by 2020:

  • The purchase of two Adrienne Terry homes in Ward 7’s 20019 to house at least two families.
  • The purchase of one Adrienne Terry home in Montgomery County.
  • The purchase of one Adrienne Terry home in Prince George’s County.
  • The leveraging and repurposing of as much church property within the Greater Washington District for affordable housing as possible (between 50-100 units)
    Click here to see progress and make your donation.

Greater Washington District to Work Together on Affordable Housing


Download a fact sheet that includes the District Challenge.


Got questions? Check out the FAQ page.

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