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My church would like to organize an online campaign to raise funds for affordable housing. Could you help us with this?
Yes! We are happy to talk with you to discuss your goals and to share resources we have available to support your campaign. Once you know your pitch, we can get your online campaign up and running within a day. Please contact Christie Latona at 202-660-1445, x700 or to discuss this further.
My church is interested in making a one-time contribution to AHC to help end homelessness. What is the best way of doing this?
If your donation is less than $50,000, please make your gift through the Rev. Adrienne Terry Fund for Affordable Housing and the entirety of the gift go toward the purchase of a housing unit. If your donation is $50,000 or more, you can either donate to the Rev. Adrienne Terry Fund or schedule a meeting with us to learn more about what how you might become a co-owner of a particular housing unit.
Will all residents of AHC units be families?
No. Donations to the Rev. Adrienne Terry Fund will be primarily dedicated to provide funding for families to be housed. But funding that is provided for co-ownership of housing or property that is donated or leveraged, or properties acquired through invested funds will not necessarily be targeted for families. Our AHC affordable housing will be developed to accommodate a variety of different types of households–often driven by the needs in particular neighborhoods.
My church is interested in becoming a co-owner of an affordable unit. How does that work?
Each property acquisition will be unique, depending on your church’s interests, the type of household you wish to support, and the state of the housing market in the community of interest. We would love to speak with you about your desires and develop a plan for proceeding with you. The first step will be to set up a meeting with us and your ministry team leaders. Please contact us at 202-660-1445, Ext 3 or affordablehousing(at)
What is the benefit of working with AHC to acquire affordable housing rather than having my church purchase the housing itself?
There are three major advantages to partnering with AHC: real estate expertise and experience, management costs, and legal/liability issues. AHC relies on consultants with experience and expertise in the Washington DC real estate business as well as understanding the church’s missional purpose for engaging in this work. By partnering with AHC, you benefit from an economy of scale for management and operations costs; AHC can engage service providers and maintenance companies more cost effectively compared to an individual owner who would have to undertake all of these activities at a much higher cost per unit. By partnering with AHC—which is a nonprofit organization with its board, finances, and liability coverage already established—the church can remain focused on its mission while having an impact on ending homelessness. Overall, it makes sense for local United Methodist churches to develop and rely on this expertise and infrastructure collectively, and to benefit from economies of scale, rather than each of us trying to re-invent this capacity and bear these costs on our own.
Who manages the Rev. Adrienne Terry Fund for Affordable Housing and who owns the property?
The Affordable Housing Coalition manages the fund and owns the property except for those properties which are co-owned. The majority of leadership on the Board of Directors has ties to The United Methodist Church.


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