4 Ways You Can Help Decrease Homelessness and Increase Affordable Housing

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InspireDC works in collaboration with churches, government agencies, developers and non-profits to to acquire, develop and preserve affordable housing units while ensuring that newly housed residents have the holistic support they need to thrive. In the process, we are working to eliminate displacement of residents. We seek to partner with compassionate and justice-seeking allies who work to end homelessness in DC and its causes through advocacy and empowering individuals and families in greatest need.

Here are four ways you can get involved:

Donate to The Rev. Adrienne Terry Fund for Affordable Housing. Make a one-time or ongoing charitable (tax-deductible) contribution in honor of one of AHC’s founding members and fierce advocate for affordable housing, women and children.

100% of all donations to this fund are directed toward the strategic acquisition and maintenance of affordable housing primarily for very low income families in Ward 7’s 20019 zip code. and other areas that meet the following criteria:

  • availability of relatively affordable good quality housing (including underutilized church properties);
  • presence of at least one engaged United Methodist church with leaders (lay and clergy) who are committed to engage in this ministry and in the community;
  • significant need for abundant health (including healthy food);
  • opportunity to preserve community in the face of gentrification.
Click here to donate to the Adrienne Terry Fund

Co-Own an AHC Home. Churches, nonprofits, or individuals may choose to partner in the acquisition of a particular housing unit either in the Ward 7 20019 zip code or in an area that is aligned with the ministry efforts of a United Methodist church. For a fixed initial investment amount, a co-owner will have the opportunity to name a house (or apartment unit) and offer support to the residents of the unit as part of its ongoing ministry. The partner co-owns the property with AHC and maintains their share of the property based upon their initial investment. A customized MOU details the terms of the agreement as negotiated on a case by case basis.

Donate or Leverage a Property. Churches or individuals who have underutilized properties are encouraged to contribute property to this affordable housing initiative. Such properties would be considered either as a site for affordable housing development or as an investment property to sustain AHC ministry operations depending upon its condition and location.

Invest in the Affordable DC Housing Trust. Foundations, impact investors and individuals can make a safe return on their investment while allowing their money to be used to secure more affordable housing in the District of Columbia. Investors receive a fixed rate of return over an identified time period with the principal being put to use in acquiring and maintaining AHC properties. This enables us to act with the same speed and flexibility as for-profit buyers looking to purchase properties. Using aggregated, raised capital from institutional impact investors, foundations and members, we can quickly bid on properties without needing to first assemble complex financing packages.


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