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We Are Inspire DC


Inspire DC is a network of individuals, churches and organizations that inspire justice and innovation one relationship at a time.

Originally started by The United Methodist Church, InspireDC provides people, space, expertise, and connections that incubate innovative justice enterprises and new expressions of beloved community. We work with individuals and our partners to ensure that everyone in DC has healthy food and a decent roof over their head while addressing the root causes of poverty and inequity so that more people are liberated and encounter God. Current ventures include faith communities that young adults love to engage with, community-based free markets & meals and an affordable housing coalition.


So many people come to DC to make a difference.

We seek to connect the inspired and to inspire those who have lost hope.

The larger the network, the greater the good.

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Our Team

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -


FEEDS stands for Food and Education Ending Division Sustainably. Our goal is to ensure everyone in DC has enough healthy food to eat--especially those in food deserts. We bring food abundance to food deserts in a way that preserves dignity through community-based meals and markets. These meals and markets enable relationship building, conversations and neighborhood specific strategies and partnerships that strengthens the community at large.


We celebrate our sites who host and create connecting points that result in stronger communities, our partners who engage in a core part of our mission (but aren’t a site), and our sponsors who fund and volunteers who participate in making the vision possible.



DC Campus Kitchen @ Metropolitan UMC who transforms excess quality food into healthy hot meals and partners in expanding Community Meals. Through our partnership, we are providing 2,000 hot meals a week.





moms-2014-02-22-at-1-27-13-pmMy Organic Markets helps put food in hungry bellies rather than landfills by allowing us to reclaim perfectly good food that would otherwise been thrown out to make room for fresher stock. We are reclaiming about 2.5 tons of food a month from MOMs stores alone.






capitalareafoodbank-logoCapital Area Food Bank has awarded us Emergency Federal Assistance Program which gives us up to 10 cases of nonperishable for free. Additionally we receive fresh produce, bread and milk for free. CAFB helps provide education, cooking demonstrations, recipes and other support to our volunteers and clients. We have helped other CAFB clients establish pantries.








Additional Volunteers:

There can be no love without justice.

- bell hooks -

Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing Coalition (AHC) is a non-profit within InspireDC that works toward the goal of ensuring everyone in DC has a roof over their head.

Why the Church Needs to Get Involved in Affordable Housing

February 7 | No Comments on Why the Church Needs to Get Involved in Affordable Housing

Learn more about what unique role the church can play in creating and acquiring affordable housing and how that is connected to loving our neighbor. You may also find this fact sheet helpful.

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Greater Washington District Challenge

October 27 | No Comments on Greater Washington District Challenge

At his installation service on October 23, 2016, Rev. Dr. Gerry Green encouraged the Greater Washington District of the United Methodist Church to work together to create, fund and support the residents in as many units of affordable housing as possible through The Rev. Adrienne Terry Fund for Affordable Housing. The spontaneous offering that day […]

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The Adrienne Terry Fund for Affordable Housing

October 23 | 1 Comment on The Adrienne Terry Fund for Affordable Housing

In the Spring of 2015, several United Methodists in DC decided that together we could do something significant to solve the problem of affordable housing and the negative impact of gentrification. The Rev. Adrienne Terry was a founding leader of what became known as InspireDC’s Affordable Housing Coalition (AHC). Her vast experience with affordable housing—including […]

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4 Ways You Can Help Decrease Homelessness and Increase Affordable Housing

October 22 | No Comments on 4 Ways You Can Help Decrease Homelessness and Increase Affordable Housing

InspireDC works in collaboration with churches, government agencies, developers and non-profits to to acquire, develop and preserve affordable housing units while ensuring that newly housed residents have the holistic support they need to thrive. In the process, we are working to eliminate displacement of residents. We seek to partner with compassionate and justice-seeking allies who […]

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Affordable Housing FAQs

October 21 | 1 Comment on Affordable Housing FAQs


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One Home at a Time Affordable Housing Model

September 23 | 1 Comment on One Home at a Time Affordable Housing Model

One of our strategies for disrupting gentrification and providing affordable housing is inspired by the work of two United Methodist Churches in DC. Inspired by the development of the “Gerard House” model by David and Barbara Kennedy, with the support of Capitol Hill UMC, and the work of McKendree-Simms-Brookland UMC which has acquired and housed […]

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